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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Business training

We welcomed about seventy people yesterday to our first intensive business training. We had two groups (morning and afternoon) The message is: focus on income generating projects, because you cannot help others (as many want to do) without first helping yourself. There were inspiring stories from Alex, our trainer, about successful implementation of plans (commercial goat herd, passion fruit farming) in his area. Africa is full of potential. What is lacking is expertise and focussed planning. Aid has spoiled Africans, duping them into believing they need to first find a sponsor or a donor before undertaking any change. The message is 'hand up, not hand out.'
Here are some pictures of the group registering, singing joyfully and listening intently. Next week we shall do focussed planning on specific projects. I expect we will have fewer people, but they will be the ones we can really work with.

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