TEACHING-EMPOWERING-MENTORING-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY Mission: to partner with individuals and communities in Western Kenya to support entrepreneurial activities, education and health through training programmes, scholarships, water and sanitation projects

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We are now home in Canada enjoying clean water from the tap, no mosquitos and uninterrupted electricity
OUR NEW VIDEO FOR 2011-2012 IS NOW ON YOU TUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLE3HoENB2k&feature=youtube_gdata
We are still looking for agents to take on monitoring and organizing for some of our activities. Check out how your skills could be used in a needy part of the world htpp://govoluntouring.com/help-build-skills-western-kenya.

We are also seeking help for maintaining our web site and our social media sites. Updating of the web site would be needed about three times a year.

Our Canadian board is always ready for new members! Contact us if you are interested, or know someone we can approach. We ‘meet’ usually by phone or email and have one AGM at the end of the summer.

Patricia and Rod are willing to talk to groups of any kind about their work. Contact us at
kenyatembo@gmail.com or at 250 385 6166

Where to find us:

- Rotary Victoria presentation April 19 at 12.00 at the Union Club

- Rotary fund raising tea April 22

- Christ Church Cathedral: whole month of May-table of information and articles for sale on Sundays.

PLANS: We hope for a Rotary grant to enable us to continue Read for the Top, teacher seminars (training Kenyan facilitators) and Virtues to eliminate the cane. We have gratefully received a substantial new donation for job training. So many young people have no hope of acquiring meaningful skills and paying jobs and Tembo considers this primary need