TEACHING-EMPOWERING-MENTORING-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY Mission: to partner with individuals and communities in Western Kenya to support entrepreneurial activities, education and health through training programmes, scholarships, water and sanitation projects

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finished for 2013

We've been working with a community-based organisation to strengthen their impact on communities. Earlier they all completed Virtues and Violence Prevention training. This week we did Table Banking and Environmental awareness (composting toilets and Farming God's Way.) (Later will be specific income-generating projects.) But this completes our commitments for this calendar year. Saturday we leave for three weeks down under

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five more communities have clean water

Today we went to look at the five water projects so far completed with the funding from Victoria Rotary, Saanich Rotary, the Rotary District and other clubs.
Some of them were quite a long trek from the road and all along the way people wanted to shake our hand and say ‘Thank you’ for the clean water. Woman and children pressed fresh sugar cane, bananas, pumpkins and eggs on us. People have so little to give, but they give generously, including the old lady who offered us one egg. This would have represented a significant amount to her. I am sending pictures of just one of the five sites. In the New Year we shall be contracting about 5 more, including at least one well.