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Friday, December 12, 2014

Mutsulyu fishpond and Nametsa well

Things have quietened now. Johnstone is resting up in Nairobi.  The well at Nametsa and the fishpond fence are just about finished as are the composting toilets. our contractor and his 'fundis' have done a good job again for us.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Attack in Mandera

Confirming the attack. Johnstone just called to say he is leaving with some others tomorrow.
Not such great news. Our former student, now a Clinical officer in the north (Mandera where the bus massacre took place), has called to tell us 38 Christians were killed as they worked in a quarry yesterday evening. Muslims were again spared. This is not official news but we do know that IED's are frequent in the area. There is great unrest in the country over insecurity. Yesterday as we travelled an hour out of Kakamega to a Virtues training we were stopped at two roadblocks by heavily armed police units (not the regular traffic police) . We heard that suspected terrorists had been arrested between here and the Uganda border.

Great news!

The funding for the fencing for the fishpond is assured thanks to generous donors. There may even be a little over for feed or for solar lights for the night watchman, who cannot sit by the water because of the mosquitoes. Thank you! Asanteni sana!