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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Read for the Top 2015 is launched

30 teachers gathered yesterday for training for Read for the Top with a grant from Better World Books. We went through the program and they had a practice session themselves. We gave new story books to eleven elementary schools (totaling about 700 children) and reconfirmed participation for five secondary classes. Unfortunately the pictures I thought I took are not to be found!! More about Read for the Top here http://www.tembokenya.org/projects/read-for-the-top/

Thursday, February 19, 2015

update on Canadian Nurses for Africa

We were able to visit three of the sites on Tuesday. We handed over the well at Wangulu after the pump repair. The school is very happy to have water back in the compound without the children having walk to the river to collect water. The community will also have access.

The second visit was to Ikobero spring where even in mid morning there was a line of containers and women waiting their turn. The flow is strong and the elders will be finishing the exterior with the community, planting grass and ditching for run off.. 

One lady who allowed us to park the vehicle in her compound told us they were extremely grateful to have clean water. They are seeing fewer sicknesses from diarrhea and vomiting as well as malaria.

Lastly we visited Kedohi school where the well has reached 70 ft (20 m) The culverts are ready and will be installed in the next few days

The three communities offer their sincere thanks to the nurses and their supporters

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Read for the Top 2015

Thanks to the grant from Better World Books here are nearly 600 'story books' waiting to be packaged for eleven elementary schools. Teacher training and book distribution will be Feb 24

Monday, February 16, 2015

A success story

Over the years we have tried to train adults for income generating employment and 'to put food on the table.' Many thousands of young (& not so young) adults have never competed school (mainly for lack of fees) or have never been able to acquire any skills. This means their family exists hand to mouth and children cannot go beyond elementary school.
Kay (not her real name) was one such lady. Although she had reached grade 7 she had lost her certificate, so thirty years later decided to sit for her primary school examinations (KCPE)> Armed with that certificate she came to us asking to learn tailoring and dressmaking.  She successfully completed the training and began to find work making dresses, school uniforms and the reusable sanitary pads we supply to the girls in schools.Thus earning a good income.
Seeing her determination,, we gave her a loan to buy a good second hand sewing machine because renting a machine was unreliable and cutting into her profits. She has started paying back the loan. Her youngest daughter has just finished secondary school and she has now hopes of paying her daughter's fees in a nursing programme. She also wants to take herself back to class and take her final certificate at which time she can become an instructor in the school.
All the young men and women we have helped acquire job skills are working and earning money. Unfortunately for the past two years we have not been able to assist anyone for lack of funding, but have hopes that we can start again soon. It costs about $250- $300 per year to put a man or a woman through basic polytechnic training in motor mechanics, carpentry, etc. Most courses are two years and the skill can make a huge difference to a family.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Canadian Nurses for Africa

CNFA has sponsored four projects which were begun in the new year 2015. They repaired a water pump for Wangulu school.

They are protecting a spring which serves a whole community at Ikobero. We expect the handover to take place in a couple of weeks.

They have dug a well at Hakedohi school. The culverts have cured and are ready for installation. We hope water will be flowing by the end of the month.

Two sets of composting toilets will be provided for Hamadira school. Both school projects were delayed by the two week teacher strike at the beginning of January, but so far will be on track for completion in early March. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another week already

The last week has gone in a flash. Four days in local secondary schools with Assertiveness training with introduction to the Virtues. Two sessions for boys and two for girls with over 100 at each session. We still manage to do some group work and keep it fairly interactive. All this in an effort to reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy and create a culture of character. This was followed by two days of Virtues training for the teachers of the same students. They were very enthusiastic and I think we shall see a difference in those schools. Sunday we began the training of new Virtues facilitators and today was the handover of the water project for the school with the fishpond. So I haven't had time to look at pictures, but will post some later. This afternoon is catch up time for certificates etc.