TEACHING-EMPOWERING-MENTORING-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY Mission: to partner with individuals and communities in Western Kenya to support entrepreneurial activities, education and health through training programmes, scholarships, water and sanitation projects

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Google is giving problems for editing a previous post. Please note that in the E-book for sale post the contact email should read kenyatembo@gmail.com. The line about membership should read 'Annual'

Adventure tour

Would you like to know more about Tembo-Kenya? The best way is to visit the area and the projects that your donations help.
- Let us take you off the beaten path...
Not just for the back-packer or bungee jumper, adventure holidays are fast becoming the vacation of choice for travellers who want authentic local experiences.
Tembo-Kenya can offer you a unique glimpse into the life of rural Africa in small towns, villages and open country. Sing, dance and share food with the local people who have received gifts of water, education and training from Tembo-Kenya donations. www.tembokenya.org/joinus for more information.

Monday, July 18, 2011

E book ready for sale

This disc gathers all the emails and blogs from 2001 to 2009 with hundreds of pictures. It is now on sale for $9 plus postage and is a fundraiser for Tembo projects. Contact kenyatembo5@gmail.com

Reminder: Annul memberships are due: $25 per year as a friend of Tembo. $100 per year allows you to vote.m

AGM Aug 30

To be held in Victoria

- We plan more seminars for schools with visiting teachers and more Read for the Top. Learn more at the meeting.

- Two of our Board members have had to resign. We are looking for more volunteers to help us, particularly for communications. (Contact us at one of the addresses above before the meeting if you would like to help us.)

- Would you like to serve TEMBO as an agent in Kenya? Check out ‘join us’ on the web site and ask questions at the meeting.