TEACHING-EMPOWERING-MENTORING-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY Mission: to partner with individuals and communities in Western Kenya to support entrepreneurial activities, education and health through training programmes, scholarships, water and sanitation projects

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meet and Greet for Math

On Saturday we held a 'meet and greet' for parents and student s of Math-E-Zee tutoring centre. Feedback was very positive from children and parents, all of whom said the Math scorers had improved. Some, of course have a way to go. But one Mom, a teacher, told us her boy went from 30% to 68% . A boy who has just finished HS spoke eloquently of his work in Math and said he thinks it will have made a difference of 20 marks in his National exam. I don't think they would have bothered to attend if they did not see value in the program. We are still not quite breaking even but think that word of mouth will boost our numbers.

After the meeting and a quick soda, the instructors went right back to work.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Always a study in contrasts

From a rural area where people are desperate for clean water, we then spent a day at the university (Masinde Muliro Uni of Sc & Technology) and were honoured to sit on the main platform (under the shade!) just behind ex President Kibaki who is the Chancellor. Many speeches, delightful entertainment and things moving along like clockwork, with only about a 90 min delay, which is wonderful for Africa!.

It took us 90 minutes to drive from home to the University (no more than 2 km away) Traffic was horrendous and we saw the lineups of people waiting to enter the university grounds. Hawkers were selling sparkling garlands and cards, buses full of friends and relatives crawled along with many passengers opting to do the last part on foot. I am posting just a few shots, including those of Dorcas who waited at home for 4 years, refusing early marriage,  before we were able to find her a sponsor. She has just graduated in Electrical Engineering.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Water project

 A change of pace today as we visited a secondary school where we can install water for the students and the community. We had a great chat with the school committee and the representatives of the neighbours. They were all there to greet us by 9 am and have everything in place. Nixon will start digging this weekend and it should be ready for handover at the start of the new school year in January. We plan to run a pipe to the kitchen area behind the school buildings. It never fails to touch me at how much the gift of clean water can mean to people. Yes, they still have to carry it and it's a far cry from turning on the tap in the kitchen, but it will mean so much in terms of time and health.
Kitchen and dining area

Full committee of parents and neighbours

Water committee executive.