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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Emmatsi and Wandega

The long rains have started! On Friday we had to travel to two remote schools in the hills and were fortunate that we reached them before the downpour. The roads are impassable in the rains and there were ominous mutterings of having to sleep at the school if we didn't time it right.

For the school receiving the toilets it is impossible to reach in a vehicle so the students walked down to a neighboring school for the presentation. Unfortunately our generator, which we had had fixed, turned over but did not supply enough power for the computer and projector. This is life in rural Africa!
So we did an oral presentation and our admirable contractor will return to the school to explain everything to the students on site. He will also bring us some pictures.

From Emmatsi we hurried to Wandega and were met by the children clustered around the well and singing.
We handed over the well, sang with the children, were entertained by the choir, offered

a meal and left before the clouds burst. The whole community is overjoyed at having clean water near by. Their gifts were three hens as we left.

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