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Friday, January 16, 2015

Mutsulyu fish pond

 The fencing is finished and a plaque was installed (it will be made firmer later) recognising the contributions. It is now dry season and we have a major crisis with water. The pond is getting low and we lost a few fish. We tried to get a city water bowser (at a cost) but they cannot come for two weeks because of the high demand.
We received some funding for water and are thankful to be able to use is to repair a broken pump in a well on the school grounds and thus pump water to the pond. It should take about a week.
I am attaching a shot of the plaque, The head teacher and chairman of the parent committee (who has been feeding the fish during break) and the group assessing the possibilities of rehabilitating the well/ We thank your club again for their generosity. 


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