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Monday, February 16, 2015

A success story

Over the years we have tried to train adults for income generating employment and 'to put food on the table.' Many thousands of young (& not so young) adults have never competed school (mainly for lack of fees) or have never been able to acquire any skills. This means their family exists hand to mouth and children cannot go beyond elementary school.
Kay (not her real name) was one such lady. Although she had reached grade 7 she had lost her certificate, so thirty years later decided to sit for her primary school examinations (KCPE)> Armed with that certificate she came to us asking to learn tailoring and dressmaking.  She successfully completed the training and began to find work making dresses, school uniforms and the reusable sanitary pads we supply to the girls in schools.Thus earning a good income.
Seeing her determination,, we gave her a loan to buy a good second hand sewing machine because renting a machine was unreliable and cutting into her profits. She has started paying back the loan. Her youngest daughter has just finished secondary school and she has now hopes of paying her daughter's fees in a nursing programme. She also wants to take herself back to class and take her final certificate at which time she can become an instructor in the school.
All the young men and women we have helped acquire job skills are working and earning money. Unfortunately for the past two years we have not been able to assist anyone for lack of funding, but have hopes that we can start again soon. It costs about $250- $300 per year to put a man or a woman through basic polytechnic training in motor mechanics, carpentry, etc. Most courses are two years and the skill can make a huge difference to a family.

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