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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A random act of kindness?

Johnstone, our former student, who is a Clinical Officer (doctor) in Northern Kenya near the Somali border, meets many challenges. He told us yesterday of a sad case of a one-year old baby girl who has no vaginal opening. The mother has been divorced by her husband because of this. The baby could be referred to Nairobi where there are agencies who can provide the operation needed. However, the mother has no means of paying the fare. We have promised fare for her (about $120) but she will also need some support.. I also dread to think of what will happen to the child in future if she stays in the community which routinely  practices FGM. I would hope the agency in Nairobi would provide support and advice. If you can find it in your heart to give a little for this mother and child whom you will never know, click the 'donate' button on www.tembokenya.org and indicate your gift is for 'baby'. Thank you.

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  1. Hi I just learned yesterday that there is an organization in Kenya that helps women get to one of 2 two different hospitals (I think both in Nairobi) for fistula surgery and aftercare. I believe they also help with fare because they know the plight of these women. Here is the link which you can cut and paste in your browser. There you will find more information on how to access.I hope this helps. The local phone numbers are at the end of the video http://www.freedomfromfistula.org.uk/projects/kenya