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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Never a dull moment

An up and down day on Friday. We went to Ebulako Primary School (Picture below) to handover two blocks of composting toilets only to find that a local transformer was inactive and the whole area was without power. We tried a local generator and after much effort decided that there was a problem with our projector which would not stay on. So we accepted a huge amount of local fruits which the children had brought and promised to return on Monday with our other projector. The goof news is that the school has had its best exam results ever with the class that did Read for the Top two years ago!
On our way home we called in at Ebukoolo Secondary which is a growing school boasting a new set of traditional pit latrines for girls but only one hole and a brick wall for 75 boys. (Picture below) We have enough funds left to put in a block for the boys. At home we found there was no problem with the projector so the generator was not giving us enough power. Rod spent the morning trying to fire up our (not often used) generator only to be obliged to take it to a local fundi (workman) for repair. Hopefully it can be fixed so we can take it out with us on Monday.
To crown everything I also found that my laptop is not charging. We were able to locate a new power supply on line which will take 5 days to arrive. So while Rod was messing with the generator I was checking that I have all the files I need for the immediate future on my back up drive and my old standby laptop.
One hole and a wall for the boys at Ebukoolo Secondary

Ebulako children were disappointed no handover on Friday

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