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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Income- generating projects

Surfacing after a busy but satisfying day yesterday. I was sure that we would only have about 40 of the 60+ people who had attended our first business training sessions. We had 69 (some new ones) and some were there before 9 am with homework done! I couldn't believe it. Of course some came very late & will not receive an attendance certificate, much to their disgust. Gotta respect the boundaries. Alex, our trainer, was delayed arriving Saturday morning (partly heavy rain, partly other commitments) so I used his flip charts to review what we did last week. Always a good thing to run over the points again and good for the newcomers. It also gave us the opportunity to translate into KiLuyha so we were sure everyone was on the same wavelength. Four groups produced a complete logical framework (action plan) and will now turn their minds to accumulating some funds to start up. In the meantime we will give them Virtues training and specific seminars on their project (in these cases poultry keeping.) We have planned the follow-up training for group leaders later in November. These are the people who will keep things on track and monitor progress. The group of young people were very impressive. Four other groups who were sparsely represented drew up a tentative plan and have to go back to consult their groups to finalise. We gave them sodas during the session and a lunch voucher at a cafe in town (owned by a good friend who is one of our Advisory Committee) I feel very good about it all.
On another front, we expect our other volunteer agent on Tuesday so we're getting her apartment ready. We have a busy schedule planned, mainly literacy and teaching projects.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I am so glad to hear that people are taking hold of the information and support and putting it in to practice. Can't wait to get there!