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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why we teach positive discipline with the Virtues Project


I can access the video if I select, right click, go to

This video will emphasize why we are passionate about Virtues training, giving teachers alternative methods of (positive ) discipline. Even though some just laugh at us when we speak of abandoning the use of corporal punishment (& it doesn't only involve the cane) many are willing to try. They find their attendance improves, their academic performance also improves.

I should add that our main obstacle is lack of funding to spread the Virtues training wider. We have one Kenyan Master Facilitator here and a handful of facilitators. We are planning to target the Education students at MMUST (university) with training before they go out for practice teaching and consolidate all the bad habits they saw teachers use when they were students.

t costs about $200- $300 to provide a two day educators Virtues workshop for up to 40 teachers.We charge for materials where possible but many cannot pay.


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